Homeland Security

Experience to handle the complexities in developing strategies to safeguard our nation’s physical and virtual infrastructure.



Effectiveness in working in the state, local, private and public sector transportation to support large of infrastructure, finance and portfolio management, and technology programs.



We provide grant, program, and logistics management to support the health and well-being of all Americans.


Housing and Urban Development

We facilitate enterprise risk management solutions and accelerate interagency solutions when disaster strikes.


Dynamic Pro Inc.
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Management Consulting

In this ever-changing environment, DPI provides a systematic approach that allows government and business leaders to define strategies, execute plans, define metrics, and communicate results consistently. We help keep pace with change while improving mission and business effectiveness.



Information Technology

As public organizations address 21st century challenges, DPI provides our clients highly qualified experts who have the ability to design, develop, implement, and maintain optimal technology solutions that help clients achieve mission-critical objectives.




Business Services

With an increasingly resource constrained environment, organizations must look to achieve efficiencies while controlling costs. DPI helps you optimize your organization through human capital, acquisition support, and financial management services that increase accountability and effectiveness.