Business Services

Financial Management

When clients require oversight of conduct financial management, we can help. Our experts have provided oversight through work with Inspector General offices and are well versed in conducting pre-audits and assessments. We provide in depth financial analysis and management including budgeting, tracking, and reconciliation of financials. DPI follows both civilian and defense acquisition systems such as the Planning, Programing, Budget and Execution (PPBE) process.

DPI helps clients achieve more consistency and transparency with Federal and agency reporting requirements. We are experienced using all major financial management systems.

  • Financial Planning
  • Project budgeting and programming
  • Financial execution
  • Reconciliation
  • Financial closeout of contracts and grants
  • Pre-audit assessment

Grants Management

DPI demystifies the grants and peer review processes. We support clients as they move through the entire grant and peer review lifecycle and help refine approaches using key performance indicators, grants administration, and our strong expertise in grants closeout.

  • Guidance and performance framework
  • Peer review
  • Oversight and control
  • Financial closeout

Acquisition Support

No need to go it alone. DPI’s years of experience working with contracting officers, contract specialists, and procurement analysts will help simplify your procurement process, and get you up to speed on the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). We validate that procurements are current on applicable laws and regulations and provide the acquisition tools to guide you through the complete acquisition lifecycle with market research guidelines, contract clause tools/templates, contract file checklists, price/cost analysis guidelines, and COR best practices.

  • Requirements development
  • Solicitation management
  • Evaluation activities and source selection
  • Post-award support and contract close-out

Capital Planning and Investment Control

Maximize your ROI with DPI’s methodology for prioritizing discretionary investments and resource allocation, decision criteria, and alternatives. We have supported multiple clients in developing projects’ analysis, lifecycle costs, net present value, and return on investment. DPI can provide cost and funding analysis support using Lifecycle Cost Estimate templates and estimating models. Our team has facilitated decision-support sessions by structuring complex models, providing reports, statistics, and sensitivity analysis to key decision-makers, and supporting the communication of results.

  • Benefit-cost analysis and resource allocation
  • Establishing project inventories
  • Financial calculations such as ROI, NPV, and IRR
  • Exhibit 300 support

Logistics Support

Ready to approach the question of logistics? Let DPI do the heavy lifting so you don’t get bogged down by simple questions such as where to hold your next annual conference or what trainings you should offer. DPI provides logistics support for a variety of functions including conferences, meetings, trainings, and emergency deployments. Our team provides travel and logistical support services for routine travel to meetings, training sessions, and conferences as well as emergency travel support.

  • Emergency and mass deployment support
  • Federal authorizations
  • Conference management and meeting planning
  • Resource mobilization
  • Site selection
  • Travel logistics


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