Information Technology

Data Management

Many organizations employ data management strategies to cope with large pools of structured and unstructured data. Policies, oversight requirements, and an increasing number of compliance regulations make data management increasingly more complex. DPI develops and executes data architectures, governance structures, policies, and procedures to manage the complete data lifecycle of client organizations in an effective manner. As more data is available, decision makers rely on data analytics and visualization to understand information more easily and quickly. In turn this enables leadership to make data-driven decisions.

Systems Engineering and Integration

Large-scale programs bring inherent challenges related to acquisition, management, and leadership. Many systems extend beyond traditional program and agency boundaries requiring integration of systems, subsystems, and components. Through our Systems Engineering and Integration (SE&I) services we build systems within the constraints of operational performance, time, funding, and changing priorities. DPI provides assistance in the development process, acquisition, system integration, developmental testing, and operational evaluation activities. Our services follow rigorous processes that sync with process improvements that bring integrity, security, and availability. Our services include:

  • Requirements definition
  • Systems security support
  • Configuration management
  • Enterprise solutions engineering support
  • Process improvement support


Our cybersecurity solutions incorporate a variety of technology services supported by certified cyber experts to protect our clients’ network infrastructure. We leverage federal and commercial partnerships to provide our clients with fully comprehensive and customized cyber solutions. Our professionals hold industry recognized certifications and stellar performance histories of rapid intelligence gatherings and threat analyses to provide reliable cyber security solutions. Our services include:

  • Intelligence networks
  • LAN security implementation
  • Penetration testing

IT Governance

With increasing regulations delineating responsibilities of agency CIOs and CFOs it’s imperative to have a process to balance demand and supply of IT services and products. Aligning investments to mission goals is critical in the effective and efficient use of IT in enabling an organization to achieve its goals. Through DPI’s Capital Planning and Investment Control approach we support IT demand governance through decision-making frameworks that evaluate, select, prioritize, and fund competing IT investments; oversee their implementation; and extract measurable business benefits.

Enterprise Architecture

DPI conducts “as-is” and “to-be” modeling, standards development and adoption, transition and sequencing planning, and holistic Enterprise Architecture (EA) governance. We are adept at using EA tools to identify misalignments to strategic priorities, performance gaps and metrics and capability duplication or lack of reuse. DPI has a longstanding relationship with the Federal CIO Council and has facilitated Chief Architect Forum meetings. Our services include:

  • Supporting segment architecture and strategic planning
  • Stakeholder collaboration and scenario planning
  • Business process model development and business reference architecture (BRA) services
  • IT analysis of alternatives and commercial off-the-shelf evaluation
  • Technology evolution and insertion


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